ROCK. DON'T ROLL. Setting a new standard in foam rolling, the TRX Rocker® is the only tool that promotes rocking, a highly effective technique for achieving hyper-focused muscle release, increased blood flow and circulation, and overall relaxation and recovery. Find out more.

The beauty of foam rolling is that it's typically an activity you do at home or in an abandoned corner of the gym. That solitude is important, because who among us hasn't landed on the floor when attempting to sit on a foam roller? Rollers--as the name would suggest--rollout of the way. But TRX has just released a new tool that will help release your tension points without the foam roller blooper-reel antics. It's called the TRX Rocker, and--sorry to be dramatic--it's a game changer.

Rocking is the new standard in foam rolling. With a traditional foam roller, it can be difficult to relax into the pressure and release the tension in your body. That's by virtue of the foam roller's cylindrical design. When rolling your quads or hamstrings, you have to keep your upper body engaged, or you'll roll off. The same problem crops up when rolling your spine; your glutes and hamstrings have to stay engaged on a foam roller or you'll find yourself on the floor. 

The teardrop shape of the TRX Rocker creates an entirely different experience. Let's say, for example, that you want to release the tension through your neck and traps. Set the Rocker on the floor with the pointed, high-intensity end facing away from you, then place your neck or shoulders on the rounded end. That's all you have to do: lie down, breathe deeply--breath work will help release tension--and relax into the foam.

Want to focus on working out tension in your calf? Sit down, choose an intensity level--the Rocker has three sides: a low intensity, lightly-grooved side for more gentle massage, a medium intensity, more deeply-grooved side for deeper release, and the apex of the two sides, for high-intensity target areas. Set your calf on the chosen side, and gently rock back and forth. The Rocker helps you hone in on small sections of tissue because the shape of the tool limits the range of the rocking motion. The result is a deeper, focused motion for more efficient tissue release.

It's no secret that foam rolling is good for you. Trainers, wellness articles, and your fitness junkie cousin have been championing the virtues of myofascial release for years. The only drawbacks are (1) it kinda hurts and (2) it's hard to get the hang of moving on a foam roller. With three intensity levels and an easy-to-use design, the Rocker is here to put an end to those foam-rolling-isn't-for-me excuses. If you're ready to feel better and move better, the TRX Rocker is one of the best purchases you can make.

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