TRX Suspension Training Course
TRX Suspension Training Course
TRX Suspension Training Course

TRX Suspension Training Course

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Prepare for a Comprehensive TRX Suspension Training Journey!

Get set for an exclusive journey into the world of TRX Suspension Training with our cutting-edge program. Whether you're creating your TRX zone at the gym, outdoors, or at home, delve into the revolutionary potential of TRX Suspension Training.
The only official TRX Suspension Training Course in the U.K., an advanced journey starting with an essential 2-hour digital workshop. This crucial session equips participants with vital knowledge, setting the stage for a comprehensive 5-hour live course. Dive deep into the transformative power of TRX.
Join the ranks of the elite who've experienced the unparalleled benefits of 20 years of pioneering functional training. 
Your education journey is a two-step process: 

1) TRX Suspension Training Essentials Digital Workshop (2 Hours):
  • Master various intensity principles for effective workouts.
  • Equip yourself to cater to diverse client needs.
  • Learn precise setup and strap adjustments for optimal exercises.
  • Seamlessly transition to the live course after completing this workshop.
Following the digital workshop, dive into an in-depth 5-hour live course that expands your TRX Suspension Training expertise.
2) TRX Suspension Training Course (LIVE):

Engage in the only official TRX Suspension Training Course in the U.K., accessing the forefront of TRX expertise with global leaders and top-tier instructors, acquiring unmatched knowledge and skills.

Advanced Techniques: Explore an extensive range of advanced exercises, pushing the limits of fitness across strength, mobility, and core engagement while adapting seamlessly to diverse client needs.

Tailored Adaptability: Master adaptable techniques customized to individual clients, honing client-centric programming for optimal fitness outcomes across various training aspects, ensuring personalized growth and development.

Comprehensive Mastery: Attain expertise in coaching methodologies, personalized programming, and tailored approaches across diverse fitness domains, ensuring a well-rounded training experience.

Following Completion: 

Upon finishing the live workshop, the final step involves taking a multiple-choice exam to complete the course and attain your certificate. Once certified as a TRX Trainer, a multitude of opportunities are available: access to upload your profile to our TRX Directory, enrollment in the TRX Ambassador program, participation in the TRX Training Summit, further TRX education courses, a comprehensive exercise library, business implementation guides, and a rich array of marketing assets, encompassing the latest TRX imagery and videos*.

*Perks and features may be dependent on TRX certification membership


Continuing Education Credits: ACE (0.7), NASM (0.7), AFAA (7.0), CanFitPro (2.0)

    Course Materials: All participants will receive a link to download a digital copy of the Suspension Training Course in their confirmation email. Participants will also have an option* to purchase a printed copy of the course manual for £65 during registration. These course manuals are permanently excluded from site-wide sales.

    *Printed copies of the course ship within 5-7 business days & are considered a final sale. No refunds will be provided, even if the course is canceled for any unforeseen reason. These course manuals are permanently excluded from site-wide sales.

    Pre-Requisites: There are no Prerequisites to take this TRX Professional Education Course. Continuing Education Credits (CECs) will only be applied to certified fitness professionals.