When you start using a TRX Suspension Trainer, you're laser-focused on your form, the difference it makes when you're closer or farther away from your anchor point, and the ease of working out anywhere. But, once you get the hang of things, you might find yourself busting out some TRX party tricks (sometimes at actual parties!). While these moves are unlikely to make it into your daily workout routine, they're worth a try when you want to experiment with TRX for Fun.


TRX Single-Leg Side Planks

While you may encounter a TRX Single-Leg Side Plank during a workout, it's easily among the more advanced TRX plank options. Start kneeling, facing away from the anchor point, and slip your right foot through both foot cradles. While using your right elbow as a base, turn so your right hip is on the floor and your left hip is facing the sky. While engaging your right leg and oblique, press your right forearm into the floor and lift your right hip off the ground. 

If you want to impress people a little bit more, try adding a hip dip or a side crunch (bringing your left knee and left elbow to meet) while you float...and if you're tempted to let your left leg simply rest on the right, don't! Your top leg lift is half the fun in this move. Remember to repeat the same move on the left side to keep things even.

TRX Crow Pose

It's a staple in yoga practices around the world. If you've ever struggled with Crow Pose, your Suspension Trainer can make the move accessible. It all starts with variations on the TRX Plank and TRX Crunch. Watch Yoga Instructor and Public Health Expert Shauna Harrison show you how it's done.

Prop Masters

It's true: all you need for a full-body workout is your TRX Suspension Trainer, but you can add more props into the mix. Model Izabel Goulart uses a box—yes, the one for box jumps to amp up her workouts, and we've seen lots of stability challenges with TRX Lunges on a BOSU. One of the most extreme examples we've spotted from the pre-pandemic era is two (very strong!) trainers using each other as a prop for TRX Atomic Pushups. 


Simple exercises are the safest, and you should never feel pressured to replicate a movement just because you saw it on the internet. But, if you like experimenting with ways to elevate your TRX workouts, these TRX party tricks might inspire your own sweet moves.