Become A TRX Ambassador!

We appreciate that you inspire so many people to move with you and to buy TRX products. And we want to make sure that you get rewarded for every sale that comes through you. The new and improved TRX ambassador program is easy to use and there has never been a better time to sign up!

Love it. Share it. Earn from it.

Join our ambassador community and sign up for our brand missions to help us spread the word about our TRX products and services. You will receive a personal code- for your clients, friends, & social networks and they will receive a 20% discount on their purchase.

For every product you sell, you will earn a 20% commission.

How it works:

Click on this link to SIGN UP NOW, download the Brandbassador app and create an account.

Follow these steps to create your personal discount code:
1. Click on the green "discount code" box. The prefix is TRX20 and you can put your (business) name behind it - e.g. TRX20JILL
2. Make sure to click on “create now”
3. Wait for the pop-up screen that confirms you successfully created your code!
4. Share your code via social media, text and email. Earn commission on sales made with your code

+Communication and Support from the TRX Ambassador Team- TRX will be there to send you missions and tasks, answer your questions and provide tools and tips to create better content and increase sales.
NOTE: Applications are open worldwide but please note that commissions are paid on the basis that purchases go OR (Canada, USA, and UK shipping only). Any earned coupon codes will also only be redeemable on or Applicants must have an active instagram account and all posts must be in English.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my responsibilities as a TRX ambassador?
Simply put, you'll help spread the word about our TRX products and education, showing love for the brand while getting rewarded with free products and cash along the way. Our mission is to get the world moving! Our Ambassadors are outgoing individuals who are active on their social channels, motivated to create great content and share our TRX training philosophy.
What do you get if you become a TRX ambassador?
By becoming a TRX Ambassador, you’ll get access to free products and cool missions, plus an exclusive referral code that your friends, family, and followers can use to shop on at 20% off. And did we mention we’ll give you 20% commission on each sale you make! You will also get the opportunity to be featured on our Instagram page and exposed to 120K+ of our followers.

How do I get paid for my sales?
To make Ambassador payments as easy as possible, we pay Ambassador commissions via the brandbassador app, where you can select your payment method of choice, and automatically get paid when you complete missions or refer people. You will also see all missions and rewards in the brandbassador app - it's all super easy to track and use!

Ready? Let's Move!