TRX Experience- Sports Weekend
TRX Experience- Sports Weekend
TRX Experience- Sports Weekend
TRX Experience- Sports Weekend
TRX Experience- Sports Weekend

TRX Experience- Sports Weekend

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Embark on a rejuvenating journey to wellness with our TRX Experience Weekend—an immersive escape designed to elevate your mind, body, and spirit. 

Indulge in expert-led fitness sessions tailored to all levels, from invigorating morning workouts, and daytime workshops to evening events. Recharge your energy and mind. 

Our first TRX Experience Event is scheduled for Aug 31 & Sept 1, 2024, at the iconic St. George’s Park. 

EARLY BIRD PRICE £699 (register prior to May 31) 
REGULAR REGISTRATION: £750.00 (After May 31) 


Additional Details:


  • 1 night Hotel accommodations, and meals for the experience days
  • Digital Handouts 
  • Attendee goodie bag 
  • 2 days of world class information, community-building, collaboration, and networking


Day 1:

9:00 am: TRX Functional Training Workout - Engage in a dynamic workout utilizing TRX suspension training to improve strength, flexibility, and overall functional fitness.
10:00 am - 2:00 pm: Corrective Exercises and Recovery Session with Hyperice - Dive into a comprehensive session focusing on corrective exercises and utilizing Hyperice technology for effective muscle recovery, lasting four hours.
12:00 pm - 12:45 pm: Lunch Break - Enjoy a rejuvenating lunch break for 45 minutes.
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm: Wattbike Session - Experience an invigorating cycling session with Wattbike, perfect for cardiovascular health and endurance training.
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm: Cold Water Therapy Session - Rejuvenate your body and enhance recovery with a refreshing cold water therapy session lasting 90 minutes.
7:00 pm: Set Menu Dinner at the On-Site Restaurant - Delight in a delicious set menu dinner served at the restaurant on-site.

Day 2:

8:00 am - 12:00 am: TRX for Sports Medicine - Delve into a comprehensive three-hour session focusing on TRX exercises tailored specifically for sports medicine, enhancing injury prevention and rehabilitation.
12:00 am - 12:45 am: Lunch Break - Take a break for lunch to recharge and refuel for the afternoon sessions.
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm: TRX for Football - Immerse yourself in a four-hour session dedicated to TRX training techniques designed to improve performance and skills specific to football players.


  • Registration fees are non-refundable; should TRX need to cancel the course for whatever reason, registrants will receive a complete refund or credit towards another course.
  • Requests to change registration from one course to another must be made to TRX via email at at least 14 days for IN PERSON
  • Registrants may transfer their course registration to someone else for a $50 fee.