TRX Training


Sale price£29.95
Weight (kg):4 kg (8.8 lbs)

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Take a swing at some dynamic strength movements with TRX Kettlebells! With gravity-cast molding and comfortable handles for durability and comfort, you'll get a grip on this versatile piece of equipment and perform anything from kettlebell swings, overhead presses, goblet squats, snatches, and more. TRX Kettlebells are sold individually in weights from 4 KG - 24 KG (8.8 - 52.9 LBs) to let you level up on strength and endurance training at your own pace.

Product specifications:

  • Sold individually in weights from 4 KG - 24 KG (8.8 - 52.9 LBs)
  • Gravity-cast molding for ultimate durability, stability, and weight accuracy
  • Smooth, comfortable handles for easy gripping
  • Flat base design for easy handling and storage
  • 6-year warranty