TRX Partner Workout #1

TRX Partner Workout #1

In this series on partner drills, we looked at a great drill to challenge strength and conditioning and manage work to rest ratios of exercise.

We'll also learn the Plus 1, one of the TRX Professor Chris Frankel's favourite drills. Here, your work to rest ratio stays 1:1, but your exercise volume goes up.

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The Tag In One-On-One is an intense Suspension Training team drill that also works well for pair workouts.

This drill is most intense if each participant has their own Suspension Trainer. In the alternative, partners can share one Suspension Trainer to build in time for rest.

In the video, both exercises are completed at the same time: Steve tackles the TRX Bicep Clutch, while Carlos does the TRX Oblique Crunch.

Steve sets the pace for this workout. He calls out his counts as he completes each rep. Meanwhile, Carlos completes as many Oblique Crunches as he can manage in that time. When Steve reaches eight reps, they switch exercises. Staying on the same Suspension Trainer, Steve switches to TRX Oblique Crunches while Carlos calls out his Bicep Clutch reps. They switch again when Carlos gets to eight reps.

Trainers recommend starting with 3-4 rounds. For a sweaty, full-body workout, trade back and forth as many times as you can handle.

The Tag In One-On-One is a great strength and conditioning drill to do with a team when you want to emphasize specific movements and build teamwork. We'll be showing you two more partner drills on the TRX that play off this workout, so check it out here! TRX Partner #2 Workout

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