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The Power of Immersion

How immersion events can supercharge your passion and put you on the inside track toward personal and professional growth.
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How immersion events can supercharge your passion and put you on the inside track toward personal and professional growth. It’s well documented that one of the best ways to learn a new language is to spend time in a country in which that language is spoken. Part of this is because the learning process goes beyond grammar and sentence structure—you develop advanced levels of comprehension because you get to experience the intricacies how the natives use the language.

That’s why people who visit another country for only a few months can go from having a meager understanding of a particular language to fluency, whereas those who study for a few hours each week in a classroom take years to become proficient. The same is said for immersive educational experiences—like the​​. When you place yourself in an environment of like-minded people with a singular focus, the growth potential goes through the roof.

Here are some of the top reasons to participate in immersive events.

Ideas Galore

Coming up with new exercises or client programs, the next step in growing a business or a clever social media marketing campaign can become frustrating when you go it alone. One of the things that make immersive events so successful is that they bring together some of the best in the business who are eager to share what they did to see monumental success.

Plus, they’re attended by hundreds of knowledgeable individuals who are happy to give feedback on your next big idea.

Passion and Purpose

There’s a reason why thousands of people drop big bucks on Tony Robbins’ 6-day “Date With Destiny” event (a ticket will run you about $5,000) each year. The man is a master motivator who has a proven track record for getting people fired up to achieve their goals and dreams. But it’s about more than Robbins; it’s the environment and culture that’s created when a bunch of open-minded people get together to learn the secrets of success. The energy that develops there is contagious; it’s like a shot of motivation straight to the veins that reconnect attendees with their purpose and passion.

Forces You to Focus

Getting ahead can be a huge challenge when you’re busy keeping the boat afloat. Between training clients, teaching classes, managing the books, answering emails and everything else you deal with in your day, life is filled with a never-ending list of obligations that keep you spinning your wheels. But all top entrepreneurs know that, in order to get ahead, it’s important to escape the day-to-day. Removing yourself—even for a few short days—from the tasks and distractions that constantly vie for your attention allows the opportunity to focus on where you want to go and what you need to do to get there. TRX’s own Todd Durkin, MA, calls this “Blue Sky” or strategy time, and is something he prioritizes every 90 days. He says that it helps him return focus to the vision, steps, and strategies that are necessary to execute big ideas. If anyone knows how to run a thriving business, it’s Durkin.

Bust a Rut

Speaking of the day-to-day, it easily falls into the going-through-the-motions cycle. Nothing sucks the mojo out of life more than the dreaded rut. A great way to bust through a rut is to do something that pushes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to think differently about who you are and what you do. Jeff Dillman, head strength & conditioning coach for the South Carolina Gamecock football program and Summit keynote, says that in order to fulfill the goals you have to “get comfortable being uncomfortable.” The TRX Training Summit will force you to do just that in a safe and supportive way.

You’ll undergo physical and mental challenges during the FACEUP GAMES and thought-provoking learning sessions, surrounded by hundreds of peers who know exactly what you’re going through.

Build Connections

Even though fitness is a people's business, it can often feel like a lonely space, especially for solopreneurs. Immersion events are all about facilitating relationship-building with like-minded people. This is often the place where new friendships are formed and business partnerships take root. Part of the reason events like these is so successful at connecting others is that everyone has one common bond and is experiencing everything together.

Whether you’re listening to TRX Founder Randy Hetrick describe the company’s origins or shouldering a massive log with 10 other people, you develop strong and long-lasting connections with others through shared experiences. Immersive events are powerful agents of change, growth, and connection. They provide attendees with a unique opportunity to experience a fast track to personal and professional advancement—all in just a few short days. You’ll walk away with solid ideas, the passion to execute them, and new peers to support you on your journey toward a powerful future.