A Mother’s Day Letter To Our TRX Mums

A Mother’s Day Letter To Our TRX Mums

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Rae with her mom

TRX Live Trainer Tom Cuff-Burnett learned how to gut and fillet a mackerel on a beach in Cornwall, thanks to his mum. Trainer Rae Clarke says her mother taught her how to be kind to herself and others. Trainer Amber Pierson appreciates her mum driving her cross-country for dance shows as a kid, and continuing to make her tea in bed every morning to this day. There are so many reasons to appreciate mothers, so we asked some of our favourite TRX trainers to share what makes their own mothers so special.

Amber with mom

Great Advice

At some point, you’ve probably turned to your mum for advice, whether you needed guidance  navigating a specific issue or just some general encouragement in life. Part of a mama’s magic is passing along words of wisdom and life lessons.

For Rae, that advice was “Get rid of the drainers in your life and have more radiators.” Tom says his mum told him, “Never apologise for having high standards.” Amber’s mom reminded her, “Why be average, when you can be legendary?”

Motherly advice can be inspiring, but it can also be an expression of love. Trainer Michael Keeney says his mother told him, “There is nothing you can do that would make me not love you. You could murder someone—and I’d expect you to go to jail—but I wouldn't stop loving you. Be who you are.”

Leading By Example

Mothers help shape their children into who they will become by setting an early example—both in critical moments when they know their kids are watching and in day-to-day life. For our TRX Live trainers, those ordinary moments were often the most formative.

Tom describes his mum as “a true force of nature: inspirational, independent, intelligent, and fierce.” Rae says, “I love my mum because she’s always thinking of others and being kind. No matter how busy her life is, she’s always thinking of me and always there for me.” 

Unconditional love. Sage advice. Selfless support.  Our mothers give us the best of themselves—and graciously tolerate our moody teenage years. On Mother’s Day, we shower our mums with flowers and gifts, but a thoughtful message can be just as meaningful. Whether you’ve sent a card or not, there’s still time to thank your mother for all she’s done!