TRX Training Summit

September 16 & 17

Oxford University, Oxford, UK



Two Days of World-Class Education, Inspiration and Connection

The TRX Training Summit unites thought leaders, industry pioneers, and hundreds of your peers for two days of inspiration, innovation, and fun. Whether you're a personal trainer, coach, group instructor, or TRX enthusiast, you will walk away from the weekend inspired and armed with the tools you'll need to up your game on every level!

Event Information



September 16 & 17, 2023


University of Oxford
Iffey Road Sports Centre
Oxford, UK, OX4 1EQ

£275 Early Bird (register by to May 31, 2023)
£375 Regular Registration Rate (June 1-Sept 16, 2023)



SESSIONS- 8am-5:30pm

TRX Functional Training Circuit
This challenging session begins with an advanced Functional Training workout wrapped in an engaging experience that will have you challenged, entertained and gasping for more! Then dive behind the curtain, to explore the programming design, coaching tactics and insider secrets required to create an optimal training experience in a high energy, multi-modality setting! Get ready to experience the ultimate functional training experience!

Maximizing your Social Media Presence
Learn the best-practice strategies and tactics to produce high impact short-form social content and take your brand to the next level. This highly practical and hands on session will introduce the key concepts required to grow your following and generate business opportunities and then guide you through the process of creating and posting your own polished piece of short-form content. This could end up being the most useful business session of the entire summit.

Rip Training Essentials
This session utilizes the TRX Rip™ Trainer to delve into what is perhaps the most important yet under-trained of all of the foundational movements. Learn why and how to integrate rotation into your training regimen. This eye-opening session will take you through a rotational journey from how to coach the basic mechanics of rotation, all the way up to producing rotational power in high-speed movements to benefit functional strength and high-intensity training.

Next Level Elastic Resistance
This session will open your eyes to elastic resistance techniques that you’ve never imagined! Capitalize on the unique capabilities of strength bands to provide variable resistance and full body activation at high movement speeds at any angle for every element of your workout.

TRX Yoga Flow
The TRX Yoga Signature Flow is a 60min vinyasa practice that leverages the suspension trainer througout the entire class. With the perfect blend of intensity and restoration, you have to experience this all levels practice for yourself.


SESSIONS- 8am-3pm

TRX Partner Fusion
This intense session emphasizes the power of working with partners while providing a fusion of the functional strength and high intensity rotational power of the TRX Suspension and TRX Rip Trainers. Experience specific techniques to energize your training sessions, engage otherwise dormant partners and maximize movement quality which will redefine your participant’s experience and maximize the capacity of your program!

TRX Optimal Recovery
This applied session addresses how to reap the benefits from the hard work of training by recovering quickly and effectively while enhancing durability. This often overlooked and under-appreciated element maximizes the effect of each training session and enables quick returns to and higher quality training.

Advanced Functional Programming
Create impactful and individualized training experiences that will take your participants to the next level.
This session explores how to skillfully manipulate the array of important exercise and training variables while integrating critical programming considerations to provide the most targeted and effective training programs.

FACEUP Activity 
The summit will close with our TRX FACEUP Activity. The TRX Family is all about what it means to be a team. We work together, push eachother, laugh together, lead each other, and help carry the load- both physically and mrntally. The constructs of these bonds are hard to define- but we think F.A.C.E.U.P is pretty close. F- FUN, A- Authentic, C- Competitive, E- Effective, U- United, P- Physical.


Date Details

Friday, Sept 15

Attendee Check In - Oxford University

Saturday, September 16

Attendee Check in
Continuum Performance Center

Saturday, September 16

Summit Day 1- Sessions
Oxford University

Sat, September 16

Social Event (optional)

Sun, September 17

Summit Day 2- Sessions
Oxford University

Sun, September 17

FACEUP Activity
Oxford University



The recommended hotels close to the venue are listed below;


Parking available onsite free of charge on weekends.


Oxford Station - You can get a train direct from London Paddington, Birmingham New Street, Manchester Piccadilly and Bournemouth.



If you are flying in we recommend flights into and out of one of the two airports:

  • London Heathrow (LHR)  
  • Stanstead Airport (STN)