Let's face it. These are unpredictable times. Between gym closures, protocol-laden re-openings, social distancing, and a general sense of social unrest, the life of the personal trainer has been quite the roller coaster ride the last few months (and at times, a not-so-fun one). Nevertheless, the time-honored query at the center of this classic glass "half full" or "half empty" scenario is perspective -- with a generous dash of adaptability and responsiveness. 

In a New York Times article entitled Keeping Clients Fit During the Pandemic by Going Virtual, author Mark Nutting is quoted saying,"The savvy personal trainer is not sitting back waiting for things to return to normal." Whether this statement is true or not, remains to be seen. Nonetheless, what we do know is this: by order of necessity, a massive population of exercisers have changed the way they consume exercise; nearly everyone is working out at their homes or outdoors; companies like Peloton are surging and consumer interest in home fitness and exercise equipment has been up by a whopping 437 percent since March, according to the Yelp report!


Similarly, since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, fitness enthusiasts around the world have flocked to the TRX Suspension Trainer because it's effective, affordable, dynamic, portable, easy to set-up, and scalable to any level of athlete. Forbes, Rolling Stone, Self, and Men's Health (among others) have all recently touted the TRX Suspension Trainer as one of the best at-home workout tools on the market. With this increased demand for TRX, there's also a massive increase in a demand for coaches who know their way around a Suspension Trainer. 

So what does any of this have to do with all of you personal trainers, group instructors, and fitness coaches out there? Just about everything. What this tells us is that while some gyms and studios may still be off limits for the time being, the desire for amazing fitness experiences has never been stronger. Opportunity is knocking, or rather banging, at the door. This is your time to swoop in and be the hero. But before you throw that cape on and change your title to Captain Fitness, you have to develop coaching skills with tools and modalities that lend themselves to great outdoor and virtual training experiences. 

Lucky for you guys, companies like TRX, NASM, Zumba, and many more have received the virtual memo and are delivering quality education in a digital format. Some of it's live, some pre-recorded, some long and some short. Either way, the market is flooded with opportunities to keep learning and help you kick-off a business that thrives amongst this "new normal" we're living in. 

TRX has quickly pivoted with a re-imagined live and virtual edition of our world class Suspension Training Course. The new 7-hour virtual course will show you how to correctly set-up and use a TRX Suspension Trainer, properly perform a variety of Suspension Training exercises, adjust resistance and stability for all exercises, progress and regress exercises for all fitness levels, and cue and correct common faults.

"TRX Virtual Education is now more accessible than ever: no more need to travel, no more waiting for a course to be in your area" said Brynne Elliott, Senior Director of Training at TRX. "You can now enjoy the dynamics of the industry's elite educators, who will guide you through a TRX virtual experience in a live interactive setting. Whether you aim to train clients one-on-one, in groups, or virtually, the skills learned in this course will set you up for success for the long haul." 

As coaches shift sessions online and in some cases outdoors, TRX has lived up to its anybody, anywhere promise. Clients may not have space for a full range of weights and cardio equipment at home, but anyone can find room for the Suspension Trainer. And rather than lug weights to the park for your bootcamp class, TRX provides a hassle-free alternative. Many TRX coaches have seamlessly transitioned from in-person to virtual coaching, and some have been able to increase revenue despite social distancing restrictions.

"We've created a fitness destination that's at the corner of science and strategy. The virtual course connects you with the best fitness coaches across the globe" said Jason Coulie, TRX's Senior Manager of Content and Business Development. "It gives you exclusive access to programming, pro tips, and best practices from the experts, innovators and inventors."

While TRX's virtual course offers fitness pros the knowledge base they need to coach clients on the Suspension Trainer, it's just the beginning of your TRX journey. After completing the course, coaches will receive an invitation to join TRX Core, a robust platform that includes content, coaching tips, workouts, business tools, and more. 

"The TRX Suspension Trainer was built out of necessity, and that spirit of ingenuity carries through to our educational programming" said Miguel Vargas, TRX Training and Development Manager. "We have all been forced to pivot in our daily lives. TRX is here to help trainers hone their skills, and deliver world-class coaching for their clients."  

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