Luiza Silva Doesn't Leave Home Without Her TRX Straps

Luiza Silva Doesn't Leave Home Without Her TRX Straps

As a company, TRX champions the idea of "fitness anywhere." Luiza Silva, an athlete-turned-fitness-instructor, puts that mantra into practice.
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"The one thing I take on vacation is my TRX," Luiza Silva said. "I just know I can get a workout, and I can get it wherever I am."  

While TRX as a company has long touted the concept of "fitness anywhere," Silva--an athlete-turned-fitness-instructor--puts that mantra into practice. She's rigged her Suspension Trainer to lifeguard stands facing the ocean, palm trees on a beach, staircase railings, playground equipment, and even her Jeep. 

Silva fell in love with the Suspension Trainer while rehabbing a back injury and subsequently became qualified as a TRX coach. She's been teaching on the straps for nearly a decade and loves blending strength, yoga and Pilates moves into her TRX classes. "I think there are infinite possibilities on the straps," she said.


For Silva, part of the joy of TRX is crafting workouts around a location.  

"It's an artistic thing to workout on the TRX. If I'm on the sand, there's a bunch of stuff I can't do, but there's a whole new bunch of things that will pop up. It definitely sparks creativity to be in a different location."

Taking her TRX straps outside for workouts has also given Silva opportunities to connect with people who have never used a Suspension Trainer.


"When people wander by, they're shocked. That's kind of fun because it ends up being interactive. I end up not working out myself and just coaching a bunch of random people. It creates a community experience."

Once you find a convenient spot to set up your Suspension Trainer, it's easy to fall into the rut of exercising in the same place, day after day. A change of scenery can help you avoid the monotony that builds after months of home workouts amid a pandemic.

"I'm not going back to a gym anytime soon, and I'm tired of working out in my house," Silva explained. "I don't want to be inside all the time. It kind of becomes an adventure to find a spot that's safe to rig and then have a workout in a totally new place." 

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