Train Anywhere With TRX and Fitbit

Train Anywhere With TRX and Fitbit

Learn how easy it is to move, sweat, train (and track it all) on the go with your TRX Suspension Trainer.
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The leaves may be starting to turn but the great outdoors is still calling for you to explore. Good news--TRX has everything you need to power your fitness the whole way, no matter the destination, no matter how far you travel. In honour of our belief that fitness should fit your life, we'll show you how easy it is to move, sweat, train (and track it all) on the go with your TRX Suspension Trainer.

Train and track on the go with the FitBit Versa 3„¢

We've teamed up with Fitbit to give you a full-body workout right from your wrist, no phone required. Use the TRX® app directly on Fitbit smartwatches, including the new Fitbit Versa 3--it has all the usual bells and whistles, plus cool new features like built-in GPS to track pace and distance (hello, outdoor runs), Sleep Scores, Active Zone Minutes, and swim-proof materials for aquatic adventures.

Get routine

Always know exactly where you stand with your heart rate, daily steps, workouts, and more, all reported in real-time to help you build awareness of your fitness habits. 

Get social 

Share your stats or workouts on Instagram, Facebook, and anywhere else to give yourself a pat on the back (and encourage your friends to cheer you on).

Get motivated

Get the nudge you need to stay on track with personalised reminders that help you move more, stick to a sleep schedule, and more.


Work out anywhere, from parks to national forests

We all know how easy it is to get an effective, head-to-workout on our TRX Suspension Trainer. What you might not know is how easy it is to roll up and hang from anywhere. Here are some ideas on where you can anchor your Suspension Trainer:

  • Volleyball posts at your community hub
  • That beautiful birch tree on your hike
  • A kid's jungle gym in the park 
  • Chain-link fences that border a school

Set up in 4 steps

Because we want you to focus on your workout and nothing else, we designed the TRX Suspension Trainer to set up smoothly:

  • Find an anchor point (tree, post, etc) that your Suspension Anchor strap can fit around
  • Attach your Suspension Anchor strap 7-9 ft above the ground
  • Clip the carabiner to secure and attach your TRX Suspension Trainer
  • Make sure the black loops of the TRX Suspension Trainer hang 6 ft above the ground
  • Start working out!

Prefer a video? Here you go.

Women in hamstring curl

Sweat it out with the TRX App

Need a workout? No problem. The Official TRX App® gives you hundreds of workouts right at your fingertips, from HIIT to yoga to functional training, all guided by world-class coaches. It tracks and analyses your data, plus reacts in real-time with customised training tips, motivation, and workout plans, all to help you achieve your goals faster. 

Even when the road trips end and gyms eventually open back up, there's one thing we know for sure: virtual training is here to stay. Stay tuned for more #TRXAnywhere tips & tricks (and stay on the lookout for an amazing virtual launch, coming soon).