Suspension Training® Pioneer Created a State-of-the-Art Virtual Training Platform to Provide Consumers with Access to World Class TRX Trainers Anytime, Anywhere.

TRX®, the global leader in functional training products and world-class training content, has added to its most comprehensive fitness solution to date, the TRX Training Club®.

TRX has introduced a brand new ‘REPLAY’ feature, allowing users to catch up on missed live classes by doing them in their own time.

Whether it’s taking a live class you couldn’t make the first time around, or re-doing a session you loved, there is more flexibility than ever to do your favourite live classes via the REPLAY function.

TRX’s proprietary digital platform provides users with a dynamic, multi-faceted training experience with unlimited on-demand workouts and live classes, access to TRX personal trainers, and exclusive member discounts on TRX products. All members need is a TRX SuspensionTrainer and a TRX Training Club membership and they will immediately be able to experience the training benefits of TRX anywhere, anytime.

“The fitness category has significantly transformed over the past year, and consumers at every level want to be able to work out on their own time and in their own way, and we are excited to offer just that with the TRX Training Club. For consumers who want to train at home, outside, or really anywhere, we developed the TRX Training Club to provide a comprehensive and dynamic solution for experiencing the incredible benefits of training with TRX,” said TRX Founder, Randy Hetrick.

TRX Training Club provides a seamless “one-stop-shop” solution, enabling consumers to fully experience TRX like never before, with numerous features, including:

●  TRX On-Demand Workouts: Users can work out in their own way, on their schedule. Content includes an ever-growing library of workouts across categories of start, strong, sweat, recovery and body part specific sessions, all in numerous durations. Users can enjoy these workouts on their own time and can replay as desired.

●  TRX LIVE Classes: Live group classes offered every day across different training categories will provide participants the energy of a group fitness class with expert TRX instructors who bring their own signature and motivating style to each and every class.

●  Virtual Personal Training: Access world-class TRX trainers through a private booking system for one-on-one, two-way interactive training sessions specifically matched to individual users needs and interests.

● Exclusive TRX Training Club Member Benefits: Special members-only gear discounts, early access to new product launches, unique education opportunities and much more.

TRX Training Club On-Demand workouts and TRX LIVE classes are offered across different categories to meet any fitness need:

●  STRONG: Boost muscle and endurance with a blend of strength and plyo moves that will build lean muscle the quickest way possible getting consumers ready for their next challenge.

●  SWEAT: Get ready to sweat. These circuit-style workouts build overall speed and power allowing consumers to make their next cardio session even stronger than the last.

●  START: The ultimate starting point to any fitness journey. Create a foundation of strength and stability through safe, efficient, and effective ways that build the body at a challenging but approachable level.

●  RECOVER: Level up the versatility game with TRX’s Recover sessions. Improve mobility, regulate the nervous system, and regenerate the body faster to elevate performance in TRX LIVE and beyond.

TRX Training Club trainers are an expert team of domestic and international trainers with decades of professional experience to guide and elevate users to be their best and strongest self. Niko Algieri, TRX Director of Trainer Branding, leads the UK based trainer team from the TRX Live Studio in London. With programs to meet every fitness goal, level, and schedule, the TRX Training Club is truly a game changer for those who want to take their fitness to the next level - anywhere, any time.

Users can experience the TRX Training Club on the exclusive “Live Player,” available within the platform via web experience from your desktop/laptop computers as well as TRX’s mobile app, which can be found on Apple App Store, Google Play, and Samsung store. The platform also enables consumer access to TRX’s online store to purchase training equipment, activewear and additional virtual training classes and sessions.

The TRX Training Club is currently being offered from £5.99 per month with a seven-day free trial to try before you buy - available here. There are on-demand only membership options, whilst single LIVE classes are also available for £10 per class. Virtual Personal Training is available upon request. For more information on the TRX Training Club and TRX’s exceptional lineup of Functional Training products, including TRX HOME2 SYSTEM, TRX Pro4 and Functional Training Tool.