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International Women's Day: Highlighting TRX Female-Owned Businesses

The TRX community continues to kill it day in and day out. Today, we'll be highlighting some of our female TRX Trainers who not only own their own businesses, but have left their mark on the fitness world. Let's get started!
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The TRX community continues to kill it day in and day out. Today, we'll be highlighting some of our female TRX Trainers who not only own their own businesses, but have left their mark on the fitness world. Let's get started! 

Krystal Say 

Krystal Say TRX SWEAT Power Yoga of East Longmeadow, MA was established in June of 2016. Being a small business owner is not for the faint of heart, it requires an entire rack of hats to wear on any given day. Recognition that the choices made by business owners shape the community is what inspired me to become an entrepreneur.  Movement for physical and mental health is my passion and to create a reliable space for the community to come to was something I never knew I wanted to do.  I will never forget the feeling of our grand opening class, it was a Saturday morning at 9am and it was a sold out TRX Yoga class.  Talk about serendipity.  

I am certain without the TRX Suspension Trainer, my vision would not be so clear and the practices would not be accessible to everyone who walks through our doors.   

As a female business owner, I honor the generations that preceded me who were not afforded the same opportunities and I very much value the part I play for future generations of women in leadership.  

Favorite TRX Products:

Christina Bocco

Christina Bocco TRX

BEACHFIT Training was a dream and a passion for both my husband, Mike, and myself. Officially starting on the beach in 2012, we opened our doors in 2014 in Oceanside, NY.  Our vision was to deliver exceptional TRX Functional Training small group workouts to help anyone feel healthier, stronger, and more confident.  I personally realized how effective and fun using the TRX Suspension Trainer could be, and loved how strong and successful I felt using it, which is where my passion for wanting to bring this to our community came into play.  

Being a female business owner is the icing on the cake.  It's tougher than I originally believed it would be, but not only do I get to do what I love every day, I also get to live up to the kind of woman I always knew I could be - an impactful leader. 

Favorite TRX Products:

Ami Mcmullen

Ami McMullen

I started Studio Hustle in 2019 in my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky because I wanted people in my area to have more variety and options for getting healthier. I’d run a small TRX Bootcamp years before, but I wanted a spot where I could expand my offerings to Yoga and Kettlebell classes, and have a team of instructors that could lend their expertise as well.

I wanted a place where people could come to get stronger and feel better, a place where they felt welcome, even if they’d never exercised before. I’ve felt strong and powerful most of my life, as a dancer and then later when I entered the fitness industry, and I wanted other people, especially other women, to feel that as well.

The big reason I fell in love with the straps in the first place was that if worked for all levels of people, even complete beginners. While I love getting to do advanced moves with experienced movers, I also really love showing complete beginners how to feel comfortable working out, finding their own strength, and making the process doable, instead of miserable. We focus on strength, balance, and recovery, in life as well as in the studio. 

As a female business owner, I take pride in being able to lead with understanding & compassion. Life is hard enough and there are many variables that can make or break us. Being able to create a welcoming experience to help anybody that’s looking for a better way is something I take very seriously.

Favorite TRX Products:

  1. TRX Suspension Trainer
  2. TRX Rip Trainer
  3. TRX Kettlebells
  4. TRX Rocker

Kari Woodall 

Kari TRX

My name is Kari Woodall, and I own BLAZE, a brick-and-mortar studio in Middleton, WI. To say I was scared to actually buy the entire building is an understatement, especially after I spent the last few years staying afloat by coaching online and outside at a local park.

Buying the building was a huge risk, but I am not averse to taking risks. The studio is simply a vehicle for my business, and my business is people. Coaching people to feel better is not a risk, nor is it a job.

It’s an extension of the lifestyle that I model for my two teenage daughters.

I am really proud of my journey as a female business owner. After leaving a successful career as a college swimming coach in 2008 in order to spend more time with my kids, I began a small outdoor boot camp with three people and one TRX Suspension Trainer. I connected with the endless movement possibilities on the straps, not only as a way to strengthen my body, but also as an avenue to fuel my coaching creativity.

More importantly, I was connecting with people through movement while helping them to connect more deeply to themselves. This is how I live my life as well. As I grow more and more into the woman I am capable of becoming, it feeds the growth of my family and my business.

I’m showing my daughters that risks are ok when people are involved, and that people matter. You can build a life and a business by helping people feel better. The world doesn’t need you, me, or my daughters in a better size, it needs us to feel our best. It needs us to grow into all we are capable of becoming. So if each person who enters my studio feels just a little bit better upon leaving, then BLAZE is growing people in the right direction.

Favorite TRX Products:

  • Suspension Trainer
  • Rip Trainer
  • Slam Ball

Susan Moore

Susan TRX

Being a business owner is not something I realized I wanted to do when I was younger but the more I learned about movement the more I realized I had to set a new standard. I would see people wanting to get better, only to get hurt or not fitting into the mold of what they thought they were supposed to be. It’s my job to meet individuals where they are currently and help them develop from there. That's why I started Be Better Gym. We have a family motto of “Deeds not Words” from the unit my husband commanded in Afghanistan and it still drives me every day. 

When I work with the first responders and military who suffer from PTSD, I need to remind them that physical training is a gift and not a punishment. I’m here to help them get a better relationship with that kind of training, starting with how they treat themselves each and every day.

I have the ability to help people create a more positive relationship with themselves. Respect their own boundaries and reach their potential. You never know what someone is going through or what is currently limiting them. I won’t push someone without checking in with them at first.

I’m told I’m a bit of a hard ass and I am a stickler about form, ask any of the other master trainers at TRX since we all have coached each other at times over the years but I’m also more likely to hold someone back than push them in a direction they aren’t ready for. I think a lot of that comes from being a mother. I’m told I can motivate by someone’s desire to not disappoint me because I put so much into everyone I train. 

It has been my experience that being a female in the male dominated military strength education world has given me an advantage. When I come in to spend the day with an infantry or special operations unit teaching them to lift more effectively, you’d think they wouldn’t take me seriously. It’s quite the opposite. Instead of it being a competitive environment where everyone is trying to out lift one another… they listen, absorb, practice and become quite humble.

It’s easier for them to let their guard down and have a growth mindset with me because they let me nurture their abilities instead of feeling like I’m there to tear them apart as is part of their culture. I’ve been able to embrace my coaching style that tends to be mothering at the gym with young athletes as well. I think being a woman is my super power. I’m not trying to be the off-season head coach but rather making these kids and adults as durable, strong and injury resistant as I can so that no matter what life and sport throw at them, they’re ready. As a woman, I think it’s easier to connect with all my clients. 

Favorite TRX Products:

  • Suspension Trainer
  • Rip Trainer
  • Kettlebells
  • TRX Training Mat